Mom of a 5-month old

She sleeps 12-13 hours at night (no wake ups!) and takes 2 solid naps during the day. Hands down worth every penny. I wish I would have done this with my first baby!

Mom of an 8-month old

I love how Elizabeth immediately helped us feel at ease because she took the time to get to know us and helped us formulate a plan that was unique to our family and our comfort level. She was not only responsive but explained things in a way that made sense to all of us and made it easy for us to implement...

I am happy to report that we went from multiple night wakings to Aiden now sleeping through the night!! Which are words I never thought I’d be able to say lol. This is all thanks to Elizabeth!! We are forever grateful for her and would recommend her to anyone needing help in this area.

Mom of a 3-year old & a 4-month old

I remember reading someone else's review that said "It's 7:30 pm and my husband and I are having a glass of wine, and if you would have told me that 2 weeks ago I would have laughed at you"...THAT was the review that made me sign up immediately...

Wow. Did Renee deliver. I'm seriously in shock. The toddler phase is no joke, and we've been through LOTS of transitions in the past 6 months... and of course, our daughters sleep regressed. My husband and I NEVER thought we would be the people who would pay money for a sleep consultant. We read all of the articles online and even tried (and failed) SEVERAL other techniques diligently...

It's mind blowing and I feel like I'm the annoying friend telling everyone about her and bragging about how we have our nights back. My husband and I put our infant and our toddler both to sleep at 7:30 and then we have time for ourselves for the rest of the night. It feels so good - we desperately needed it.

Mom of a 14-month old

Lesley was fantastic. Knowledgeable, reassuring and warm. Would recommend.

It's amazing all the free time I have after she's gone down. I'm like 'what am I meant to do with all this time?'

Mom of a 1-year old

From day 1, Casey made us feel extremely comfortable about taking the leap into sleep training. Our daughter has serious medical conditions that have have given her anxiety and an aversion around being in or near a crib because of procedures done in a crib in a hospital setting. We were very worried that nothing would work but were willing to try and Casey was calm, cool and collected as she explained the process...

Our daughter now sleeps through the night... Can you imagine the life changing experience that is?! Just weeks ago she was waking up every 90 mins and eating every 90 mins. Now she’s not only sleeping through the night but not needing a bottle because she’s self soothing! We owe everything to Casey. She not only gave us a new life but gave our daughter a new one too.

Mom of an11-month old

We are so lucky and so glad to have Casey as our coach throughout the journey.... Working with her has taken fear and stress away from us. She is very responsive, very kind, empathetic and relatable. Although she is far away, during this process it felt like she is with us every minute, every second.

She went above and beyond to ensure that our baby (and us) sleep well and are well rested. She listens to us and customized the plan for us... We are beyond satisfied working with her. We couldn't have done this without her. Our baby has been sleeping well ever since and he seems happier and more active everyday.

Mom of an 8-month old

My experience with Elizabeth has been life changing. She provided not only sleep help but also moral support throughout the entire process. Often times she was messaging me with thoughts on the previous night before I was even awake.

She proved to be truly invested and more helpful than I couldn't have hoped for. I would highly recommend Elizabeth and the Rested team to anyone.

Mom of a 14-month old

Elena feels like a family member now. I cannot begin to express in words what she has done for our family. To sum up a very long emotional rant about how our quality of life has improved and all that she has done: LIFE CHANGING. Forever amazed and beyond grateful.

Mom of an 8-month old

Renee and Rested were an absolute life saver! We had to wait to sleep train our son until he was 8 months old due to medical issues and were worried it would be a hard process.  With Renee's help we were able to get into a sleep groove within a couple of weeks and our son is so much happier now that he is well rested (12 hours/night!).

Mom of a 2-year old

Elizabeth was so kind and patient and supportive through the whole process. There were quite a few times when I wanted to throw in the towel and give up, but Elizabeth had faith that if I just kept going, we would get there. It was good she had the faith, because I definitely did not!

True to her words, Finn was sleeping through the night this final week with only a couple minor hiccups. I am so proud that I stayed strong, but I got all that strength from Elizabeth. The sleep problems with my two year old, Finn, have been going on really since he was infant. I have struggled with this so much but it was exponentially harder having a mother that judged me and kept telling me it was my fault. Elizabeth met me with zero judgement, and that made me feel at ease with her and comfortable and like this was not my fault...

I have to admit, I was worried at first about this financial commitment and had doubts that it would work, but it was worth EVERY penny. Thank you so much, I don't have enough words to articulate my gratitude to Rested and Elizabeth.

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