1-on-1 expert sleep coaching for newborns.

Teach your baby to fall asleep on their own

Build age-appropriate sleep patterns

Personalized, adaptive plans as your baby grows

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How It Works
  • We match you with an expert
    A certified child sleep consultant with years of experience working miracles for new families
  • You tell us everything
    About your child, your parenting philosophy and your home situation - over a 1-hour call
  • Together, we create a plan
    Your coach creates a safe, age-appropriate plan, giving you more sleep and predictability
  • Your coach supports you every day
    You log your child's progress and de-brief with your coach in the Rested App at every step
  • Your child falls asleep on their own!
    As your child grows, we'll make sure their sleep schedule grows with them

Give your child the gift of great sleep

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You might be feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated. You feel like you've tried everything and your little one still. won't. sleep.

We get it. We've been there.

But we're here for you.
We'll be your personal expert, your emotional support, & your cheerleader as you bring peaceful sleep back to your family.

This isn't admitting defeat - it's the start of declaring victory!
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