Solve your patients' sleep issues.

Recommend Rested.

Custom sleep plans for each family, paired with cutting-edge technology & 1-on-1 coaching

Over 95% success getting children to sleep through the night, fall asleep faster, and stay in bed later

Standardized, consistent RCT-backed sleep training methodologies

Fully AAP Safe Sleep compliant

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Rested uses methods proven in RCTs to deliver:

  • 70% drop in time awake at night1
  • 85% drop in maternal depression2
  • Improvement in 3 nights on average2

1 Gradisar, M, et al. (2016). Pediatrics.

2 Symon B, et al. (2012). BMJ Open.

Help your patients get healthy sleep

What parents get:
  • 1-hour call with an expert
    A certified child sleep consultant will learn everything about the family, and get them ready to start their Rested plan
  • Personalized sleep plan
    Built by the expert specifically for them, with step-by-step instructions and RCT-backed methods tailored to each family
  • Daily log in the Rested App
    Tracking child's bedtime, naps, waking, feeding and more
  • Daily communication & support
    Texting with the expert in the Rested App, interpreting the log, answering questions, and providing any needed plan tweaks.
  • Support phone calls
    Helping parents get through tough days & answering in-depth questions
  • Money-back guarantee
    Get piece of mind that our program will meet their satisfaction, or their money back

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