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Renee Wasserman

In 2013, I discovered my passion for children’s sleep when my oldest daughter would not sleep through the night. After countless sleep books and many nights filled with tears (from both of us), I successfully trained her (and my younger two daughters) to develop healthy sleep habits. I quickly realized how important sleep was to my girls’ development and behavior. Word got around and I became the go-to sleep guru for my friends, and friends of friends. I completed an extensive sleep-training program covering all aspects of baby and children’s sleep to become a certified infant and child sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute.

My reputation for having a warm, non-judgmental personality puts parents at ease. Through custom sleep plans, behavior recaps, 1:1 consultations, and ongoing support, I empower parents to teach their children to become healthy sleepers. Together we can decrease the struggle and increase the cooperation with your children to help make parenting fun.

When I am not helping other families get a better night’s sleep and bring peace to their homes, I enjoy a balanced life with my husband and three girls, cooking, baking & staying active.

Originally from LA and now living in St. Louis, MO, I hold a Masters’s degree in Public Health from UCLA and a Physical Therapy degree from Boston University.

"Wow. Did Renee deliver. I'm seriously in shock. The toddler phase is no joke, and we've been through LOTS of transitions in the past 6 months... My husband and I NEVER thought we would be the people who would pay money for a sleep consultant. We read all of the articles online and even tried (and failed) SEVERAL other techniques diligently.

Renee empowered us with the RIGHT tools, the RIGHT coaching and the RIGHT wording to instill sleep confidence in our 2.5 year old... My husband and I put our infant and our toddler both to sleep at 7:30 and then we have time for ourselves for the rest of the night. It feels so good.

Thank you, Renee.”

- Michaela, mom of a 4-month-old & a 2.5-year-old

Elizabeth Green

After 35 years in the early parenting field, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in infant and toddler sleep, early childhood education and development, postpartum and infant care, nutrition, and breastfeeding support. I have taught classes in baby care, and run support groups for parents with little ones, but my greatest joy has come from working as a sleep consultant with parents of young children to help them get the rest they need.

Before I had my first child, I thought I had this parenting thing all figured out. I had studied early childhood education and development, observed and cared for many infants and toddlers, and talked with many parents about their children.

However, I was thrown for a loop when it came time to parent my own children, especially around sleep! I felt conflicted with all the sleep advice, and I didn't have the support I needed to find what was going to work best for me and my children. I needed a supportive, informed guide, who understood what it was like being a parent of a baby who wouldn't sleep.

I am honored to be that person for you! I understand what it's like to want to do what's best for your child, and get much needed rest yourself. I am here to help you find what will work for you and your family regarding sleep.

When I'm not talking with parents about sleep, I like to dance, read, bake, take walks, and garden.  I love spending time with my three grown daughters, and my two precious granddaughters!

Member, International Association of Child Sleep Consultants

"Elizabeth was so kind and patient and supportive through the whole process. There were quite a few times when I wanted to throw in the towel and give up, but Elizabeth had faith that if I just kept going, we would get there... I am so proud that I stayed strong, but I got all that strength from Elizabeth... I have struggled with this so much but it was exponentially harder having a mother that judged me and kept telling me it was my fault. Elizabeth met me with zero judgement, and that made me feel at ease with her and comfortable and like this was not my fault... Thank you so much, I don't have enough words to articulate my gratitude to Rested and Elizabeth.”

- Gayle, mom of a 2-year-old

Jensine Casey

Hi! I’m Jensine Casey, sleep consultant, lover of all things beach related, and mom to two handsome boys! I work with families of children 4 and under who are exhausted and struggling with getting their little ones to sleep for naps or at night.

I have worked with families in-home settings providing support around sleep and development for over a decade. I have a Masters Degree in Early Childhood with a focus on Special Education, as well as a certification through the Sleep Sense Program as a certified infant and toddler sleep consultant.

I knew I wanted to be a mom from a very young age. Throughout my school career, my focus was on teaching and getting to know and understand child development to essentially make me a “super mom”. However, motherhood is like nothing you can ever expect or perfectly plan for! Like all of you, I was a tired parent with a new baby.

After providing support for countless families around sleep and development, I found that all children don’t respond to one basic method.

Becoming a sleep consultant became a dream and passion of mine after working with one myself to get my older son sleeping as I saw how life changing it was to sleep through the night and have daily naps I could rely on. I’m devoted to working with families around the world to get their lives back, just as I got mine back!

Everyday I work with families just like yours to provide a program and support through getting their child to be an amazing sleeper. I am proof that the support works and is transformative.

"Jensine was great to work with. She checked in with me every morning to see how the night went and if we needed to tweak any part of the plan... The plan worked really well to get my son sleeping more independently.  I’m so glad I have the tools to get our whole family more restful sleep. Thank you, Rested!”

- Rachel, mom of a 2.5-year-old

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5+ years in childcare & education
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Resident Nurse & twin mom
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Birth & postpartum doula
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Elena Anast

Hi, my name is Elena. I was born in Russia and moved to the United States a few years ago. While studying for my Master’s, I ran a daycare. It allowed me to be with children every day and give them a safe and educational environment. As I cared for and educated them, I found my true calling: helping tired families with sleep.

Like many sleep consultants, my journey started with my own children - sleepless nights, depleting emotional resources, and a sense of helplessness. Turning to a sleep consultant myself, I was given the miracle of healthy sleep. Now, I have two amazing sleepers of my own. This began my journey into the world of sleep and the crucial role it plays for children and the entire family.

As I worked as an educator for babies and toddlers, I ached to help other families who were going through the sleepless nights and grueling days that I once experienced. I studied child sleep, and got my certification through the leading Family Sleep Institute, completing more than 250 hours training. I built the courage and knowledge to help families, just as someone helped mine.

Having been a sleepy mama myself, I know what every parent feels in that situation: exhaustion, powerlessness, inability to function, low self-esteem, and difficulty in making decisions. I am passionate about helping families through these difficult times. With each family I help, I re-live my own transformation from a series of sleepless nights to a happy, harmonious life with my children.

I follow all the American Academy of Pediatrics’ safe sleep practices and keep up to date on the newly developing field of child sleep. I regularly attend additional classes in the modern science of child sleep and psychology. I am a mentor in the Family Sleep Institute in Russia. I love helping fellow parents learn about children’s sleep.

No single treatment works for everyone, because no child is the same. Every family is different. I use various teaching methods and don’t begin working until I learn about the family’s philosophy, the child, and the household environment. My plan is custom to you and your child specifically. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to helping you in any way I can.

"Elena feels like a family member now. I cannot begin to express in words what she has done for our family. To sum up a very long emotional rant about how our quality of life has improved and all that she has done: LIFE CHANGING. Forever amazed and beyond grateful.”

- Jennie, mom of a 14-month-old

Briana Garner

Hi, I’m Briana! I am a wife, a mom to three little boys, the oldest daughter and granddaughter, an aunt, a Registered Nurse, and a Certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Consultant. I’ve spent my life caring for my family - siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, and now my own children. Almost every child seems to have a common problem - sleeping.

While being a mom is still the most rewarding “job” I’ve ever had, sleep has never come easy to my children. We struggled for a long time and begrudgingly co-slept with our first child, but it wasn’t until we had twins (only two short years later) that we really began to realize we needed help. After about two months of either not sleeping at all or falling asleep with our tiny premature twin babies in our bed, I was tired, terrified, and needed a change.

This is when I really began my dive into sleep consulting, and I quickly became fascinated. We had spoken with pediatricians, NICU nurses, pediatric nurses, lactation consultants, etc. and they all had set expectations of how often and how long our babies should sleep, but we had not met anyone who gave us any instruction on HOW to make that happen. After reading, researching, and praying, I ultimately decided to become certified as a baby and toddler sleep consultant myself because I didn’t want to just help my own children. I wanted to help my friends and family who I know have all had the same or similar experience as I had. I used my own children as “guinea pigs” essentially and couldn’t believe the difference that even the smallest changes made. It was a marathon, not a race, but I am now a well rested mama with three great sleepers and wow, what a relief that is!

Jenna Clarke

Aloha, parents! I’m Jenna Clarke. My husband & I have two beautiful daughters plus an adorable Miniature Schnauzer, and we all love to sleep. I was born and raised in Hawai’i, our girls were born in New Zealand (where my husband is from), and we recently moved to Lexington, Kentucky for a new adventure. 

I have the pleasure of being an experienced infant sleep consultant, birth & postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, & holistic health educator. In my previous career, I was a health sector policy analyst and strategist. I have a Masters degree in Public Health from the Univesity of Auckland in New Zealand. As a birth doula, I educate and support parents to bring their babies into the world. I have the pleasure of supporting families in their parenthood journey through various services including in-home support, newborn care, postpartum belly binding. I provide virtual and in-home infant sleep consulting services to families across the country.

I truly believe that #SleepIsEverything. Rested parent(s) and baby can recover quicker from birth, and the household is happier. For some reason “sleepless nights” have become the norm among some parenting circles today. But, I’m here to tell you that there is another way. You CAN get your baby to sleep, and I can help. I have been coaching friends and clients for the past ten years on how to achieve the sweet gift of infant sleep. It brings me so much joy because I know it is life-changing.

"Jenna is absolutely the best. We first hired her for sleep training services 2 years ago when our son was 3 months old. I had read all of the books and tried it all, but nothing was working. Once we hired Jenna, our son slept completely through the night FOUR NIGHTS LATER! I was in disbelief. Two years later, he is still the best sleeper and I attribute all of it to Jenna. All of my friends are jealous of his sleep patterns and it truly is due to Jenna’s sleep training."

- Shannon, mom of a 3-month-old, Seattle

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Kim Sopman

Hey! I’m Kim. My obsessions are coffee, my two kids and all things sleep! I am a certified sleep coach specializing in helping families optimize sleep for their children and themselves using evidence-based, responsive strategies.

I have completed six extensive sleep certification programs, including the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, and I am a member of the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants. My background has provided me with a unique perspective; I understand sleep from a baby-led, sleep-without-sleep training point-of-view as well as traditional methods touted by pediatricians as the quickest and recommended way to a whole night of sleep.

Every family’s sleep challenges and intentions are different. Realistic expectations and the appreciation of what normal baby sleep looks like is key when making changes to their child’s sleep preferences. I want parents to make sound decisions for their children based on understanding, not fear!

I work with families in situations that have become unsustainable and want to take conscious steps to promote sleep wellness by building trust and confidence around sleep times. If you feel like your family’s sleep health needs an overhaul, I’d love to work with you to achieve positive results for your whole family!

"Before sleep training, it took us 2 to 3 hours to get our then 6.5-month-old daughter to fall asleep and into her crib, and then she would wake every 30 to 45 min. I would then bring her into bed with us, where she would fuss and occasionally nurse and continue to wake as often. Naps were only with me, so I was spending 3 to 4 hours a day in bed in the dark with my daughter to get her rest. I was exhausted, discouraged, stressed, and developing PPD symptoms.

My husband and I decided to sleep train/coach and started off the process using another well-known, highly rated and recommended consultant in Toronto. Two weeks in, after she had us leaving our daughter screaming in the crib for naps until she was miserable, exhausted, and scared of her crib, we switched to Kim, and it was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best decision we have ever made!!!

Within two days, we saw more improvement with Kim than we had in 2 weeks! Our daughter started only waking occasionally once a night to nurse. She started napping in her crib. And the best part of all, she started falling asleep independently in under 10 minutes without crying. She became a happy baby and rapidly reached new milestones because she was getting the rest she needed!

None of this would have been possible without Kim! She was and still is always available in real-time to text and troubleshoot. Having Kim’s non-judgemental support is incredibly important as I didn't realize how invaluable it is to have someone available regularly until we started the process. Her methods are gentle and kind, and she truly cares about you AND your baby. I honestly don't know where we would be without her.My husband and I highly recommend Kim, and given that my husband was skeptical at first about using a sleep consultant, there is no higher praise!!

2021 Update: My daughter is now five years old, and I have reached out to Kim numerous times over the years. Kim has been so helpful and generous with her advice and time each time I reached out! We now have a second child, an 18-month-old, and returned to Kim to help us sleep coach her when she was six months old."

- Bruce family, Toronto, Canada

Kathleen Parsell

Hey there, I am Kathleen, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, mom to Thea, wife to my
wonderful husband Evan, and cat mom to Tilly! I enjoy DIY house projects, hiking, guilty
pleasure TV shows, travel, and sleep! I don’t just enjoy sleep, I LOVE sleep and am
passionate about helping families become well rested.

After graduating from Roosevelt University, I began my nanny career caring for infant
twin families back-to-back. Working with twins taught me so much about sleep and the
need for routine. I quickly turned to self-help sleep books and immediately felt
overwhelmed with information, that sometimes was completely contradicting. I could not
imagine navigating infant sleep as a sleep deprived parent and was thankful I was able
to eventually find methods that worked for each family. It seemed like overnight the
babies became happier and the parents became more patient, focused, happy, and
healthy. The results were incredible and something I could only describe as sleep

Determined to help more families find their sleep magic, I wanted to learn everything I
possibly could about infant and childhood sleep. I ultimately completed a dynamic and
science-based sleep certification through The Family Sleep Institute. A couple years
later, I decided to dive further into newborn sleep and completed The Institute of
Pediatric Parenting’s Newborn Certification.

As both a nanny and a sleep consultant, I have worked with countless parenting styles
and know firsthand how every family is different. I do not believe in one size fits all sleep
training and instead work with families to create realistic and achievable sleep goals for
their family. My non-judgmental approach allows families to be comfortable, honest, and
remove any blame or shame that they are feeling around sleep!

"We'd already survived the sleep training process when our kiddo was an infant, but we found toddler sleep to be so wildly different. After months of what had devolved into a stressful 3+hour bedtime process, we contacted Kathleen.

Only 2 weeks later, we were all enjoying bedtime more, sleeping much better, and our daughter had a newfound confidence and pride about her ability to sleep in her own bed! We could not be happier with Kathleen's expertise and empathy throughout this process. I feel we gained tools that will help us far into the future. Thank you Kathleen!"

- Susanna L., Chicago IL